Closet clean up

Closet clean up

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What to keep & what to donate 

 $200 deposit + budget for new clothing & any expenses occurred for the customer. 
- must take into factor you must be in distance of my location. Once booked i will contact you must be with in same city unless you are deciding to cover all charges in order to fulfill this service. 

this service is for anyone looking to update their wardrobe the sustainable way! a lot of times we all already have items we can wear but we are so used to buying new clothes all the time. of course if its your birthday or a special occasion its okay to treat yourself to something new however, its always better to save your money & work with what you have. i use to never repeat outfits. looking back, i was very wasteful! now i try my hardest to rewear my clothes as much as possible. no matter how many times i rewear my clothes, people never notice that its old. 80% of my wardrobe is THRIFTED! if you are looking to take your wardrobe to new levels, this is the service you would be surprised at what an accessory can do to a full look! i will personally take a look at each item based on what you love vs what you just have sitting & provide fashion tips for each piece

before meeting i do ask that you have 3 piles

1. items that YOU LOVE

2. items that you don't know what to do with

3. items that you THINK you don't want

from there we will see what looks best on you and what items we can add to each look to make it POP! all items that are not needed will be highly recommended to donate to any thrift store so that someone else may have them.

this service is NON REFUNDABLE